Google Analytics in webcaStudio

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This post covers the usage of Google Analytics with webcaStudio workspaces and events. Requirements Access to a webcaStudio workspace administration account as Super-Administrator user. A Google Analytics account. Step 1: Create a Google Analytics Account In order to start tracking the audience of your webcaStudio’s events with Google Analytics you first need to create a new Google Analytics Account. Sign in Google Analytics dashboard ( and go to Admin section, then deploy ACCOUNT combobox and click on “Create new account”. The important field in this page is Website URL. Its value has to be your webcaStudio domain name, for example, You also should pay attention on which protocol you choose. Since webcaStudio’s console gives secure URLS by default, choose https:// as Website URL protocol. But if you will deliver no-secure URL to your audience you have to select the option http://. Click on Get Tracking ID button and accept terms. You will end up on a page that shows your new Tracking ID. Copy it, you will need it later. Step 2: Create a new Track-ID for your webcaStudio workspace Once you have obtained a Tracking ID you need to associate it to your workspace. Sign in your webcaStudio console and go to Settings. In the left menu deploy Workspace settings and open Google Analytics section. Since your workspace may have more than one Track-ID configured, you can give it a name to identify the Track ID later. Copy the Tracking ID obtained from Google Analytics Console and press Add. Additionally, you can set a Track ID as default. The default Track ID will be associated automatically to the new events. Step 3: Associate a Track-ID with an Event Google Analytics will not track your audience until you associate one of your Track-ID with your event. Open your Event’s preferences pressing Edit button. Go to Integration tab and deploy Google Analytics section. Select a Track-ID and click on Save button. If there was a default Track ID when you created your event it will have a Track ID associated already. Now your Audience will be tracked by Google Analytics. NOTE: Configuring Google Analytics does not disable the standard webcaStudio stats system. Stop tracking with Google Analytics If you don’t want Google Analytics track your audience any more you can disassociate a Track ID selecting ‘None’ option in the Integration tab.