How to configure a MailChimp campaing for a webcaStudio webinar

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This tutorial explains how to create a MailChimp campaign to invite your subscriber to assist to a webcaStudio webinar passing along webcaStudio all the subscribers data.


  • We suppose you already have experience using both platforms MailChimp and webcaStudio.
  • A webcaStudio account with Super permissions.
  • A PSK created for your workspace

Step 1. Add a MailChimp API Key to your workspace.

First of all, you need to configure your workspace to be able to access your MailChimp data.

  1. Go to your MailChimp dasboard
  2. Click on Account > Extras > API keys
  3. Create a new Key
  4. Copy API Key value
  5. Got to your webcaStudio workspace
  6. Click on Settings > MailChimp API Keys
  7. Give it a name to remember which account is for
  8. Paste the API Key and press Add

You can create any Keys you need and even use several MailChimp accounts for the same webcaStudio workspace.

Step 2. Create a MailChimp List.

WebcaStudio will retrieve user information from a MailChimp list. User object in webcaStudio has 4 fields: Email, first name, last name and organization. Your MailChimp list must have at least this 4 fields (not necessary with these labels).

If you want to use an existing list go directly to step 4.

  1. Go to your MailChimp dashboard
  2. Click on Lists > Create List
  3. Fill list information
  4. Click on Settings > List fields
  5. Make sure your list has at least 4 fields. They usually are: Email, first name, last name, organization or company.
  6. Add or import subscribers

Step 3. Configure MailChimp for your event

  1. Access your event’s Edit page.
  2. Got to the Integration Tab
  3. Open the MailChimp panel
  4. Select one of your MailChimp Keys
  5. Complete the data mapping for the list you want to integrate with. For instance, if your list uses the label Company instead of Organization, replace the ORG tag by COMPANY.
  6. Save your changes

Step 3. Create a MailChimp campaign

  1. Open your MailChimp dashboard
  2. Click on Campaigns > Create Campaign
  3. Select a campaign type
  4. Select a list or segment
  5. Complete the campaign details
  6. Select an email template
  7. In Design view, drag and drop a button element
  8. Leave “Web address” option selected
  9. Place one of the URLs webcaStudio generated in MailChimp integration panel.

WebcaStudio will generate two types of URLs:

Event Program URL: This URL will drive your audience to the Event Program page.

Session URL: With Session URL users will access directly to a session.

All URLs will be replicated for each event’s language.




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