Skype participant mixed in your webcast encoded video: Problems you may face

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My video quality isn’t great…

The advice in the table below can help you to get the best possible video quality. You can also visit Skype’s forum dedicated to video issues or view their Webcam not working on Skype?troubleshooting video.

Poor quality webcamWebcams come in many different qualities and prices. Buying a good webcam will benefit the person you are talking to, but if the person you are talking to has a low quality webcam you will still see a low quality image.A good webcam is a prerequisite for good quality video calls. Buy a webcam that’s guaranteed to work seamlessly with Skype from the Skype shop.
Slow or busy internet connectionYou or the person you are talking to may be experiencing problems with video due to a slow internet connection. You should both try closing applications that use the internet (especially those that might be playing music or video) and cancel any file downloads.Make sure that both you and the person you are talking to have theminimum bandwidth required to make a video call.
Weak wireless signalIf you are using a wireless internet connection, ensure that the network signal is strong. If it isn’t, it may be better to connect directly.
Computer running slowlyDo you or the person you are talking to have a lot of programs open? Try closing some of them and see if that makes a difference to your video.If you’re using a laptop, you may have problems with video calls when it’s in power saving mode. Change your computer to AC power or switch your computer to maximum performance.Make sure that both you and the person you are calling are using computers that have the minimum system requirements to run Skype.
Bad lightingIf the room you’re talking from is quite dark, you’re probably not sending great picture quality to the person you’re on a video call with. Try turning on more lights or opening the curtains. Also, try not to sit with your back to a sun-lit window or bright lamp. This will cause your face to be in shadow and result in a poor picture. For best results the light source should be shining on your face from behind the webcam.
Too many USB devices plugged inYou may not be sending great video because you’re using other USB devices. Try disconnecting them or try connecting your webcam to an alternative USB port. If your webcam is plugged into a USB hub, try plugging it into a USB port on your computer instead and see if that helps.
Relayed internet connectionMake sure your connection is not relayed. Skype is designed to work with any network configuration; however, in the case of a restrictive firewall between two connecting computers, the connection will be routed through a relay. In that case bandwidth will be limited by the relay and the quality of your video will be affected.
Firewall or virus scanner problemsYour firewall or virus scanner may be causing connection problems. Try disabling all local firewalls and virus scanners for the duration of the call.
Using an older version of SkypeMake sure that both you and the person you are calling are using thelatest version of Skype. If you’re not sure, it’s easy to find out what version of Skype you are using.
Restart neededIf you or the person you are talking to have updated your system, for example if you have installed or uninstalled any programs, you may need to restart your computer.

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